Letter from ATU Chaplain and Family

March 29, 2020

 ATU International Latino Caucus Membership

 Good Morning, we are praying for our ATU brothers and sisters who are fighting the front lines in this war.  We are also praying for members who have caught the Coronavirus and their families.  My prayers are also for the family of MTA train operator Garrett Goble in New York. 

In this season of trials due to this Coronavirus, I pray that everyone stays safe and healthy.  Please follow the rules given by your local government.  For now, I pray that all my associates are and stay in good health and that God almighty and in Jesus name help US to get through these times.  

If anyone needs prayer(s) of intercession, please let me know.  Stay safe and have faith.

 Yours truly,

 Antonio “Tony” Velez

ATU Chaplain & Family