ATU-ILC President Ismael Rivera and ATU-ILC Emeritus President Jose Guerrero attended the LCLAA 22nd National Membership Convention where they participated in helping with the recovery of areas destroyed by Hurricane Maria.  Ismael participated in the recovery of Hogar Rosanna, a shelter for women between the ages of 18-35 who are functionally diverse and whose home was destroyed by Hurricane Maria. They painted walls, set tiles, installed doors, and cleaned up debris, thus providing these women with a healthy place to live. Jose participated in the recovery of the Comerio Bridge which is located on the central-eastern part of Puerto Rico, Comerio is among the municipalities that were declared as a major disaster zone following Hurricane Maria. Yet, people who live here have not seen living conditions progress. He helped remove the small bridge and cleaned up debris from a bridge that is flooding this community. They also participated in LCLAA's "Workers' Rally for Unity and Resilience". They marched in El Viejo San Juan to send a clear message to authorities: Enough! Basta ya! Enough of the attacks against workers, unions, and public education!! At this convention Ismael Rivera was sworn in as the ATU Representative on their Executive Board and LCLAA voted in their first Latin Woman and once undocumented President. Congratulations to Yanira Merino.  


Thanks to all who supported the Hurrican Maria relief efforts! This is a thank you from the Mar Azul church where part of the donations were given. Special Than...ks to ATU-ILC President Ismael Rivera, IVP John A. Costa and ATU International President Larry Hanley for giving the final push needed to make this happen.