ATU Canada, Locals out in full force at Keep Transit Public Rally

With less than a month left before the provincial election, ATU Canada, ATU Locals and transit advocates rallied again to demand to keep transit public across Ontario. The advocates say privatization of transit will threaten jobs, service and the safety of public transit. “By lining the pockets of large corporations to take over your public transit their main goal is to make profits on the backs of the tax payers in Ontario,” said ATU Canada President Paul Thorp, pointing out ATU has been engaged in a Keep Transit Public Campaign for more than a year. “Across Canada, the U.S., Melbourne and the UK, P3 models epically fail time and time again,” he continued. NDP Leader Andrea Horwath also addressed the rally, “We are here today to fight for public transit. Once again New Democrats are with you on this struggle. We know what Liberals and Conservatives always do, they are on a mission to privatize.” Watch rally.