Locals Monthly Charter Meetings highlights.

Highlights from July 16th Meeting.
No members present for Charter meeting. This is Highlights Executive board meeting
ATU International did an annual audit on our local and executive financial Sect. Kenneth Kirk sent a letter recognizing our financial Sect. Lori Chambers on a great job for year 2021.
Bylaws read, discussed and executive board did a paper ballot that was sealed in envelope.
President reported lease negotiations are completed and a new lease is signed. Signed a new 60 month lease. Reduction in lease by $506.00 first six months. Last 54 months lease will be $622.48 per month with no more than 3% increase each year. Our lease payment has been reduced by $456.00 per month. Since March your locals monthly expenses has dropped by $1200.00 per month.
A new budget was proposed to board. No vote or action taken.
GHT has a new meeting place at VFW hall in Hoquiam. VP Karen Mudd recommended the facility and President was able to secure location for no charge. First meeting was Sunday July 17th. It was great to meet in person. Informational meeting with good discussion from members. Elections for County Commissioner are coming up and several members requested an opportunity to meet each candidate. See attached pictures. No quorum was made between both meetings. The executive board bylaws revision vote was tallied at the meeting and verified by GHT and PTS member present. The vote to approve each bylaw article to be revised was unanimously approved. President has sent the revisions to International President Costa for GEB approval.
New meeting location for our Pacific Transit brothers and sisters. The President with executive board member Bruce from PTS got the Ocean Park Fire Dept. to allow us to use free of charge their meeting room starting in August.
It's exciting to know your Union is now able to have in person meetings for each property. This is your Union. The executive board and President encourage you to get involved and be engaged.