Cleaning and Disinfecting Contaminated Vehicles and Facilities
(and Those Suspected of Contamination)

Immediate removal of vehicle from service.

Immediate closing to the public and non-essential personnel of any portion of a facility suspected of contamination.

Doors and windows of vehicles and facilities left open long enough for air changes to remove potentially infectious particles. No less than one hour before cleaning and disinfecting vehicles. Up to 24 hours before cleaning and disinfecting facilities.

The air in buses recycles in the cabin and then flows to the front carrying bacteria and viruses with it.  EVERY OPERATOR should use these AIR CONTROL SETTINGS to create safer airflow in their vehicles. Also,
where temporary barriers have been installed, these settings will INCREASE effectiveness.
1. Driver’s window CLOSED
2. Driver’s air and front vents set to FRESH
3. Blowers on FULL POWER in Front (wear earplugs)
4. Passenger windows CLOSED
5. Front roof hatch CLOSED
6. Blowers OFF in back
7. Rear roof hatch OPEN at its back
8. REAR DOOR Boarding