About Us

The Amalgamated Transit Union is an international organization based in Washington, DC, comprised of local unions (like ATU 1772) that represent over 193,000 transit workers in the United States and Canada.  The name has been shortened over the years from the Amalgamated Association of Street and Electric Railway Employees of America to the ATU but the organization has represented transit workers of all types.  The International and Local 1772 are affiliated at the national and state level with AFL-CIO.

We Local 1772 were chartered in Englewood in 2013 as a sister Local Union to 1001. The Amalgamated Transit Union had represented employees of the Denver Tramway Company going back to the early 1900’s, which operated street cars and then buses in Denver.  In 1969, the Colorado Legislature authorized the creation of RTD and, in 1974, it began operating a conglomeration of what was once seven separate regional bus companies.  ATU 1001, our “sister local” is recognized as the exclusive bargaining representative of all covered employees at RTD and First Transit.  We at Local 1772 represent the bus operators and mechanics here at TransDev Inc..  We are subject to the National Labor Relations Act.