Monthly Meet Agenda for March 25, 2018


of _______March 25, 2018_______

 Call to Order by __Jonathan Lovatto____

 The normal order of business is being suspended due to the Trusteeship of the local (ICGL 12.6)

 -        Copies of the CBA were made by TransDev, let us know if you or nyone else needs one and we’ll see that more copies are made.

 -        Report on monthly income/expenditures (present February bank statement)

-        Monthly membership meetings will continue to be held on different days and times for the next couple of months to try and determine if there’s a better date and time to increase member participation. The trial dates and times are posted on the transportation and maintenance Union bulletin boards.

 o   Possible wage increases. With the RTD wage increase ratified by local 1001, First Transit and TransDev are going to approach the RTD board at the April meeting and attempt to get additional contributions to their contracts to increase contractors’ wages. If approved by the RTD Board of Directors the increases will be negotiated between ATU 1772 and TransDev. informal meeting we were able to get the maintenance employee reinstated with three weeks’ pay and a six month performance contract, after receiving payment he choose not to return to work.

o   Termination for unreported accident - The employee was fired for having a rear end accident and not reporting it. After the informal meeting, we were able to get him reinstated to lot supervisor and maintain his current rate of pay.

o   Termination - The employee was fired after complaints were made and the video was reviewed showing the operator making disparaging and threatening comments about other passengers. TransDev refused to reinstate him after our informal meeting, this case will proceed through the grievance process.

-        We will keep you posted via the Union bulletin board. (Note, the letter from TransDev was produced at ATU 1772 request)

-        GRIEVANCES- TransDev is beginning to enforce the policies and procedures, which has led us to three grievances since our last meeting.

 o   Termination for unsafe acts - The employee was fired after driving at an excessive speed through the garage and being reported by several coworkers, After our