Working over time: we should ALL know by now that due to the amount of new hires, overtime is all but gone and when you sign the off-day work book you can no longer specify, you can only sign up with ANY, however if signing ANY does not mean you will be guaranteed work.

Service dogs riding the bus, yes a service can assist it owner riding the bus, no the dog can not sit in the seats, the dog must lay on the floor under the owners legs on close to the owner legs and not block the isles. The dog must be on a leash, any dog can be a service dog, if you have any questions allowing an owner with a service dog on the bus please contact dispatch immediately. 

Uniforms: when reporting for work and at the window picking up your paddle, you MUST be in complete uniform, clean and worn properly, flip flops are not a part of your uniform, do-rags or hats/caps that are not issued by TANK mus not be worn. Dispatch will begin inspecting your uniform to insure you are in compliance if your not you may be asked to step back and go get yourself together or you may be sent home, (you will not be paid if your told to go home).

If your family has an emergency and need you to come home, please inform your family, school that when they call dispatch, the person calling MUST properly identily themself and state that its an emergency and you need to come home, hospital or whatever the case may be. TANK will notify you while your driving and have you return to the garage so you can leave and take care of business. (Yes you will recieve an occurance for not completing your shift).

*  If any member have not received their ATU membership card please let me know, I will need your full name and address so I can submit the request to the ATU International. I'm trying to cut down the delivery time these cards are sent to our members.