Following the 2023 State Legislative Session Governor Desantis signed SB 256 (, a union busting Bill into law. This new law requires maintaining minimum 60% density of dues paying members. Also, after July 1, 2023 our employer, the City of Tampa, will no longer be deducting Union Dues from members checks as they have for over 40 years. We hit the ground running and are bringing our membership level above 60% (THANK YOU MEMBERS!) and set up an electronic means of joining our Union. ALL MEMBERS OLD AND NEW must fill out an application here:

We need ALL HANDS ON DECK! Once there, if we fall below 60% we will be decertified. This means the Union would lose the right to bargain on behalf of the employees and our contract would be gone. Our contract dictates everything we have as far as pay and benefits so we CANNOT and WILL NOT let that happen! If you work in a Union negotiated job, you should pay Union dues. Click the link above and JOIN NOW!

Once you've joined text atu1464 to 47400 from your personal phone. Within seconds you will receive a welcome text response. Stay tuned for updates. 



Nominations for President/Business Agent, Vice President, Financial Secretary / Treasurer, Recording Secretary and Executive Board Members will be held at our November General Membership Meeting on Monday 11/13/23  at 6pm.

Elections will be on 12/12/23. Location TBD.