About Us

ATU LOCAL 1464 is the exclusive bargaining representative for the rank and file City of Tampa Government Employees. The contract (collective bargaining agreement) including wages and benefits enjoyed by all employees are negotiated between ATU Local 1464 and the City of Tampa. You should WANT to be a part of the organization that makes everything you like about your job happen for you. The BIGGER we are the STRONGER we are and the better we negotiate. Our Local was chartered in 1951. In June of 1978 it won the right to bargain on behalf of City of Tampa employees in departments such as Solid Waste, Parks & Recreation, etc. Three years later, the transit workers were taken out of the bargaining unit when the system was transferred to a new regional transportation authority, whose employees have since been represented by Local 1593 (our sister Local  with Hillsborough Area Regional Transit - HART). 

If you are a City of Tampa (hourly) bargaining unit employee whose job title/classification appears in the back of our contract and are not a dues paying member, join now here:  https://www.ATU.org/members/ATU-local-1464 and join our movement. Together we fight, together we win! Stronger Together!

Stephen Simon, President      
(813) 240-9828                      
[email protected]