About Us

 We, the Amalgamated Transit Union International Latino Caucus, exist to advance the principles and goals set forth in the Constitution and General Laws of the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) , and are subordinate to the aforementioned Constitution and General Laws. We hold that in order to advance the principles and goals of the ATU, we must address the needs of all of our members.         

To that end, our mission is to organize, educate, and support the development of our members and provide resources and training to build quality union leadership and strong community ties.  We are also committed to advocating on behalf of Latino and other working families without a voice or union protection, and promote their interest on a local, state and national level.

We promote the organization and participation of all workers in a union. We oppose discrimination of any kind and strive for full equality for those who speak Spanish on the job or in their daily lives. We uphold the right for all Latinos to develop and celebrate all of their Latino culture and traditions. We encourage the ATU’s support and development of Latino membership and leadership within the Union through education, training and other resources.


ATUILC President
Vice President
Recording Secretary
Midwest Region Representative/President Chicago Chapter Rail Latino Caucus
Northwest Region Representative
West Region Representative/President SF/Oakland Bay Latino Caucus Chapter
Southwest Region Representative
Northeast Region Representative
Southeast Region Representative
Canadian Region Representative
General Counsel